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  3. Hi Josh,

    A suggestion for next month. American Airlines and KCLT (Charlotte). They have a TON of flights out of there courtesy of the takeover by US Air.


    1. Josh Cliff

      Josh Cliff

      Hey Kendall,


      Thanks for the suggestion mate,

      The next 4-5months of Aom and DoM's have been strategically placed ;) 

      But I will drop this in the suggestion box


    2. Kendall Mann

      Kendall Mann

      No worries and thanks. I do make good use of the AOM and DOM :-)



  4. Hi Philip

    please can you help me as i am not very good with computers i am trying to book a flight .With this new system looks great but when i find a flight and to book . i go to book page then cannot book a plane . Is there a manual for this as the old one just droped a box as you know.  I am sending this you. As i see your name comes  up a lot

    many thanks


    1. Philip Nestorovic

      Philip Nestorovic

      Hey Nigel,
      I'll be creating a Tutorial to this soon, but to help out

      First of all, on the sidebar you will see Operations.
      Clicking that will show you a few more options. At the top will show you New Booking


      Once in the Booking Page, you will see all the bookings from the airport you are currently located at in the system.
      You can take a look at what you would like to fly and then click the Booking Page Button


      Now on this page, on the rleft, will show aircraft to select to book.
      At this airport that I'm booking from shows no aircraft avaliable to book



      So clicking the button next to At Depature is the Relocate Button.

      Here you can book your flight and relocate an aircraft to fly :)

      Once you have found an aircraft you would like to fly, click the book button
      Load up Smartcars
      and go flying!!!

      Let me know if you have any troubles :)
      I'll be very happy to help out!

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