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  3. Hi Callum, could you help me with this?? Ive upgraded to Windows 10 ( Home 64bit ) I run the installer and receive this windows error?? I've opened it using administrator privileges........Ive googled searched the globe and back!! Ive done the whole  MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable from TFDi........ Ive uninstalled, reinstalled the whole shebang................  HELP




    1. Callum Strawbridge
    2. ShaunBrown


      Hi Callum, it woundnt let me install because I already have the current version or higher installed?

      Im back to work tomorrow  ( QF1802 to Para ) and back Thursday night and Ill keep on trying when I get home. Just want to get back Flying......

      Cheers mate


  4. mate love your repaint is there any chance you could do it in a lower texture not 2048 textures.

    it kills me on my sytem

    Cheers Mark 

    1. Jacob Roberts

      Jacob Roberts

      Hey Mark, 

      Sorry for the late reply I am not frequently on this forum, are you talking about my Jetstar repaints for the A320?




    2. Mark Pearce

      Mark Pearce

      sorry for the late reply Jacob yes mate jetstar repaints for the fslab fsx and p3dv4

      cheers Mark

  5. Hi, can you help me? 

    I am parked at Santiago Airport (SCEL). I want to go to Auckland by Lan Chile (Now LATAM Group) but i dont have any great B787 to do this route. Can i do it with one TAM (Latam Group) Boeing 777-300ER in LATAM Livery ? will my pirep be rejected? 

    Thanks in Advanced, 

    Rafael Vidal

  6. I love a sun burnt country a land of sweeping plains, i'm seeing lots of sweeping plains at the moment. In the last 30 minutes of my flight from Sydney to Perth .. Long and lonely flight. Say hi guys let yourselves known.

  7. Hi Josef ,

    just popping in to say a friendly hello my names Shayden have just started with the VA thanks for having me loving it so far . 

    Kind regards

    shayden wadley


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