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  3. what addons do you have, photos look amazing!

    1. Shariq Shaikh

      Shariq Shaikh

      PTA and REX for visual and PMDG of course. Thanks

    2. Samuel McLaughlan
  4. Hi Mitchell,

    During my latest flight from YBBN to NFFN, X Plane crashed on me whilst on approach due to a custom scenery package. While QTracker waited, I removed the scenery pack and clicked resume flight after starting X Plane once more. I expected to find myself in the approach once more. However, I was on the ground on a barren strip in Fiji. That's why the PIREP reads as it does. BTW, I didn't refill the fuel or lower the gears. Do I have to fly this route again because of this?


    Photo below: On the way to Fiji; over New Caledonia.


    1. Mitchell Watson

      Mitchell Watson

      Hi John, 

      Just leave a comment on the PIREP and I'll make sure it's accepted. 



    2. John Green

      John Green

      Have done. Thanks Mitchell.

  5. Hi Joe,

    I used the Zibo B738X with X Plane Oz scenery. Fantastic plane fantastic flight YPPH to YBBN. Brisbane looks great on night approach. 

    Trouble is I stuffed the landing, tad over 600 if you get my drift...:bawling:

    Ah well, these things are sent to try us. Better luck next time..B)



  6. I have endured this error since the 1st of March Wilson. I'm seriously annoyed because it shouls be a relatively simple thing for our web server to fix. Have you got yours fixed yet?

    John Green

  7. Hi Callum, could you help me with this?? Ive upgraded to Windows 10 ( Home 64bit ) I run the installer and receive this windows error?? I've opened it using administrator privileges........Ive googled searched the globe and back!! Ive done the whole  MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable from TFDi........ Ive uninstalled, reinstalled the whole shebang................  HELP




    1. Callum Strawbridge
    2. ShaunBrown


      Hi Callum, it woundnt let me install because I already have the current version or higher installed?

      Im back to work tomorrow  ( QF1802 to Para ) and back Thursday night and Ill keep on trying when I get home. Just want to get back Flying......

      Cheers mate


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