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  4. Hello, Please can you tell me where you got the sp from ?




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    2. Michael Trickett

      Michael Trickett

      It is very nice unfortunately I do not use FSX any more but I did find a model for xplane 11. I hope to do a conversation on the FSX model for my p3d if you need any help with a VC I am more than happy to help...looks like a 747 that had way to much cake.





    3. Rick Martin

      Rick Martin

      I'd be interested to see the X-Plane11 747SP

      I did search for one, but came up with nothing

    4. Michael Trickett

      Michael Trickett

      I will drop some images in over the weekend of it. It's not the best the VC is so bad 


  5. Welcome to QVirtual My name is Michael Trickett and I am the Chief Executive Officer of QVirtual. QVirtual is a virtual aviation community based for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 9, X-Plane and Prepar3D. Our aim is to recreate real-world scheduled passenger and freight aerial services around Australia and around the world of Qantas and its Partner Airlines. We use the VATSIM and IVAO online flight simulation network to replicate these movements. VATSIM and IVAO include other airline traffic, and Live Air Traffic Controllers. The website also contains a unique flight tracking PIREP system, making flight documentation easy. We accept anyone wishing to pursue a career in virtual aviation or simply with an interest in the field, no matter where you originate from, or what your current skill level is. We aim to create a resource rich fun flying environment for aviation and Flight Simulation enthusiasts. Further enhancements are currently being added to the site, and news will be released about these as soon as they are complete. This is a closed forum and only fully accessible to members of our community. If you have not already done so, please register on our website https://www.qvirtual.com.au/ After registering on the site, you will be notified via email of your forum account details so you can access all functions within QCommunity If you are a new member here and this is your first time accessing the forum, please register using your full name (e.g Michael Trickett) as your username, a password as you wish. If you have any issues please contact [email protected] Thank you, Michael Trickett | CEO
  6. what addons do you have, photos look amazing!

    1. Shariq Shaikh

      Shariq Shaikh

      PTA and REX for visual and PMDG of course. Thanks

    2. Samuel McLaughlan
  7. Hi Mitchell,

    During my latest flight from YBBN to NFFN, X Plane crashed on me whilst on approach due to a custom scenery package. While QTracker waited, I removed the scenery pack and clicked resume flight after starting X Plane once more. I expected to find myself in the approach once more. However, I was on the ground on a barren strip in Fiji. That's why the PIREP reads as it does. BTW, I didn't refill the fuel or lower the gears. Do I have to fly this route again because of this?


    Photo below: On the way to Fiji; over New Caledonia.


    1. Mitchell Watson

      Mitchell Watson

      Hi John, 

      Just leave a comment on the PIREP and I'll make sure it's accepted. 



    2. John Green

      John Green

      Have done. Thanks Mitchell.

  8. Hi Joe,

    I used the Zibo B738X with X Plane Oz scenery. Fantastic plane fantastic flight YPPH to YBBN. Brisbane looks great on night approach. 

    Trouble is I stuffed the landing, tad over 600 if you get my drift...:bawling:

    Ah well, these things are sent to try us. Better luck next time..B)



  9. I have endured this error since the 1st of March Wilson. I'm seriously annoyed because it shouls be a relatively simple thing for our web server to fix. Have you got yours fixed yet?

    John Green

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