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  4. How to request an award

    Hello there pilots, This post is aimed to guide you on how to request certain awards that you may feel that you are entitled to. Please follow the following steps to request an award. Ensure that you are logged into QVirtual. At the top of the page, a series of tabs should be available. Click on the 'awards' tab. Once in the awards page, a variety of awards should appear. Scroll through the awards and once you see an award that you think you are entitled to, click the '+' (plus) button located on the top right of the award. The award(s) that you have requested will then be processed by staff. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for the process to be fully completed. I hope this helps you all with requesting awards. Enjoy and happy flying all.
  5. Hi Bill. I've never done a shared flight but would like to gibe it a go. Let me know what to do and I'll try.,



    1. Bill Chen

      Bill Chen

      Me neither, Aerosoft Airbus right? There is a good tutorial on the internet

    2. John Khan

      John Khan

      Sorry for the delay. Yup, I am quite familiar with the AQ320. At this time I am trying to get the TFD B717 going.

  6. Hello there pilots, Please follow the following steps if you wish to reset your password. Ensure that you are logged into QVirtual and in the Dispatch page Navigate to the top right of 'Your Profile'. Click on 'Your Settings'. Click on the tab 'Password & PIN'. On the 'Old Password' box, type in the password that you use to log into QVirtual Dispatch. Then type in the password you desire in the 'New Password' box then repeat that password into the 'Retype Password' box. Click on the 'Save Changes' box (red box). You can now use this password to log into the QVirtual dispatch page as well as QTracker. I hope this helps and was easy to follow. Happy flying!
  7. How to book a schedule (Basic Search)

    Hello there pilots, This post is to help those who may require assistance on how to book a schedule and fly a route. Please note, you must have either QTracker or XAcars installed in order for your flight to be tracked and then sent to QVirtual for processing. For this example, a pilot wishes to do a basic search for a flight between Melbourne International airport (YMML) to Sydney (Kingsford Smith) International airport (YSSY) using a Qantas Boeing 737-800. In order to book this schedule using a basic search, please follow the following steps: Ensure that you are logged into QVirtual and in the 'Dispatch' page. On the left hand side of the page, locate 'Search Flights'. Once located, where it states 'From', either scroll down to YMML or you can type in YMML quickly and it shall be highlighted. Where it states 'To', either scroll down to YSSY or you can type in YSSY quickly and it shall be highlighted.  Where it states 'Airline', either scroll down to Qantas or you can type in QFA quickly and it shall be highlighted. Where it states 'Aircraft', either scroll down to a Boeing 737-800 or you can type in B738 quickly and it shall be highlighted. Click on search flights (the red box) On a schedule of your choice where it states B737-800 or B738, click on 'Book Flight' (red box). Chose the correct aircraft (B738 or B737-800) and the registration of your choice, then click 'Book' then return to the Dispatch page Once you are on the Dispatch page, a schedule will appear below on the 'Search Flights' box. At this point, QTracker should display your schedule in the 'Flights' category. On the dispatch page, you can choose to view a briefing of your flight on the 'Search Flights' box. Once you have clicked on this, this will redirect you to log into SimBrief. If you do not have a SimBrief account, feel free to make an account by clicking here. Please note,  You do not have to fly the schedule at the departure and arrival time stated on that schedule. You must choose the correct aircraft when you are booking the flight. You must use the correct livery as stated per schedule briefing. You must adhere to all other QVirtual PIREP policies. You do not have to use SimBrief as a briefing tool. I hope this helps you on booking any schedule you desire to fly. Happy flying pilots.
  8. How to submit a Leave of Absence (LOA)

    Hello there Pilots,   I have created this topic to help those who require assistance on submitting a Leave of Absence (LOA).   You can notify QVirtual if you will be on leave by submitting a “LOA Request” (Leave of Absence Request). To do this, please follow the following instructions. Ensure that your are logged into QVirtual Click on the ‘Dispatch’ tab located at the top of the webpage Navigate and click on where it states “LOA Request”. This is located on the right section of the webpage, adjacent to where your virtual epaulette (badge) is. Click on the box where it states “End Date” and click through the months and days until you find the day and month of when your Leave of Absence Request (LOA Request) will end. Click on the empty box next to where it states “Reason:” and write your reason for submitting a Leave of Absence Request (LOA Request). Once you have filled in the relevant boxes, click onto“Submit LOA!”. Your Leave Of Absence Request (LOA request) will then be processed by staff. *Please note, your Leave of Absence Request (LOA Request) will end either: a ) on the date you stated for your Leave of Absence Request to end OR, b ) when you submit your next Pilot Report (PIREP) Additionally, your Leave of Absence can not exceed 3 months unless otherwise consulted with by the CEO or COO. I hope this is easy to follow. Happy flying and all the best.
  9. Hello there pilots, This post is made to assist those on how to install and use QTracker. QTracker is the official tracking client used at QVirtual to track your flights. It can be used for FSX, P3D and X-Plane for computers running Windows as the Operating System. In order to successfully install and use QTracker, you must have already installed the following: FSUIPC/XPUIPC and, .NET 4.5 (your computer should already have this, if not, ensure to download and install this). After these prerequisites have been met, please follow the following instructions on how to install and use QTracker. Ensure that you are logged into QVirtual and on the dispatch page. Just under the news articles (under ‘Your Profile’) click on ‘ACARS Clients’. On the left hand side of the page, a box stated ‘QTracker (Official Client)’ should be visible. Once located, click ‘Download QTracker.’ Click ‘Yes’ on TFDi Design Product Installer. An installation directory should automatically appear. Ensure to read the User Agreement then click on ‘I agree to the license agreement’ then click install. Once the installation has finished, you may launch QTracker. Click Finish. To log-in, use your pilot ID as your user name (ensure to use QFA in front of your ID number) then for the password, enter your password that you use to log into QVirtual. You may now place a bid on a schedule on the dispatch page and once the bid is placed, it will appear on the flights category on QTracker. Start up your simulator and place it in the state of your choice. Once you are satisfied on the state of your aircraft, go on QTracker, highlight the schedule you wish to fly then press ‘Fly’ then ‘Start’. Once you have finished your flight, go back on QTracker and click file PIREP. Your PIREP will now be reviewed and processed accordingly. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact support@qvirtual.com.au I hope this helps. Happy flying to all.
  10. PFPX Standard OFP Template enhanced

    Found it on an old hardrive, hope the link works   https://www.dropbox.com/s/xnf1b1rb3rhzt0o/PFPX%2B%20OFP%20Template.zip?dl=0
  11. yeah, but how did he get his VC like that???


    1. Mackenzie Archer

      Mackenzie Archer

      Must be a merge with another addon 

    2. Matthew Cotter

      Matthew Cotter

      looks like PA though, i have same but with buttons black and not working fully

  12. My TS konneksie na Oz is weer gebreuk. Sal later weer probeer.

  13. Wilco Airbus A330 series liveries + Ultimate Airbus V3 add-on

    download link not working file not found!
  14. PFPX Standard OFP Template enhanced

    This file is lno longer available. Anywhere else I can grab this from?   Cheers  
  15. Wellcamp Airport YBWW

    Version 1.0.0


    This scenery is not by me but is by Rob Graham of Brisbane West Wellcamp updated latest from 20/03/16 Thought i had to share it with you all....enjoy!!!
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This is a small application I have made in Excel. Input landing figures and it will give you a predicted landing distance. I've been testing it for a few months now and I believe it is bug-free but any ideas or feedback appreciated. It is also available from Onedrive: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=D8621CC87C7D77BA!3882&authkey=!AEk9ZxuDvG7ZW_Q&ithint=folder%2cxlsx Thanks Brendan  
  17. Version 1.1.0


    This is a small application i have made in Excel. Input landing figures and it will give you a predicted landing distance. I've been testing it for a few months now and I believe it is bug free but any ideas or feedback appreciated.   Thanks Brendan
  18. Can you have a look at my post after your in the ILS thread if you get a chance


  19. Welcome to QVirtual My name is Joe Vermeulen and I am the Chief Executive Officer of QVirtual. QVirtual is a virtual aviation community based for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 9, XPlane and Prepar3d. Our aim is to recreate real-world scheduled passenger and freight aerial services around Australia and around the world of Qantas and its Partner Airlines. We use the VATSIM and IVAO online flight simulation network to replicate these movements. VATSIM and IVAO include other airline traffic, and Live Air Traffic Controllers. The website also contains a unique flight tracking PIREP system, making flight documentation easy. We accept anyone wishing to pursue a career in virtual aviation or simply with an interest in the field, no matter where you originate from, or what your current skill level is. We aim to create a resource rich fun flying environment for aviation and Flight Simulation enthusiasts. Further enhancements are currently being added to the site, and news will be released about these as soon as they are complete. This is a closed forum and only fully accessible to members of our community. If you have not already done so, please register on our website https://www.qvirtual.com.au/ After registering on the site, you will be notified via email of your forum account details so you can access all functions within QCommunity If you are a new member here and are having trouble accessing the forum, please remember to login using your full name (e.g Joe Vermeulen) as your username, and the password you registered on the website with. All accounts are created automatically upon registration. Thank you, Joe Vermeulen | CEO
  20. Version 2.0.0


    This is a recollection of the  Wilco A330 series available on the internet and are used for the sim-flights with Qantas Virtual. Inside of each winrar / Zip file contains all the information from their respective author. Each author has their respective copyrights of their  work, this is simple a compilation of all the liveries available. Also you will find "Ultimate Airbus V3", this freeware add-on  made by Steffen Froemter and Rolf Fritze ,  it will provide you a Virtual Co-Pilot that will help you with all the duties and work inside the cockpit, it´s work for both Series 1 and 2 for Wilco Airbus. Download the file with the dropbox link. Enjoy!    
  21. Version 1.0


    This OFP template is basically the standard one, but with edits to suit my personal preferences.   I thought I'd share it for those who want the same information but didn't want to edit files.   The default PFPX template is good but there was 2 things I didn't like doing: 1. Calculating the baggage weight for the Majestic Q400 load manager; and 2. Having to use Active Sky to get some data required for Boeing FMC PERF INIT entry. I think the OFP should be the single source of truth from our fictional dispatch and didn't like that information missing.   How to install: 1. Copy PFPX+.txt into the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates\ 2. Select PFPX+ from the OFP dropdown list next time you create an OFP. It will remember your selection.   Changes in this from the default PFPX OFP Template: -Added baggage to weights section for aircraft that need this in load manager (like the Majestic Q400) -Removed config from weights section (to fit baggage as most templates only have 1 config). -Wind component and temps now placed at bottom of OFP near the Climb, Descent, Cruise wind/temp information so that all wind is in the one place. Ensure you are ticking "wind information" when selecting the OFP from the dropdown or you won't get the climb/descent winds. -Added average wind direction and velocity  (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page) -Added TOC OAT (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page). -Added average OAT. Note: ISA DEV is not added because the FMC calculates TOC ISA DEV from the TOC Temp. Note: Departure and Destination surface weather/winds are not included as they are already in the METAR output.
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